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Email finder-build email list and generate leads

Email finder is a tool to let you extract email addresses from web pages or local files.
It can find emails by keywords,or it can search for them starting with specific URL. It also can scan list of URLs.
It lets you fine tune the search parameters such how deep to parse web pages,to process external links or not,how many connections to use and many more fine details that will enable you to effectively and quickly compile a list of emails.
Email finder is an invaluable tool for email marketing,and even in 2017 email marketing is one of most effective and wide spread ways of reaching to people who need to know about your services or products.

Email spider,email scraper

Email Finder



A Must Have Email Extractor

  • set search filters
  • Export in text or csv formats
  • Generate links that follow specified patterns
  • User friendly GUI



Email extractor Works very fast, it can extract hundreds of emails in minutes

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