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Supernova Article Rewriter (spinner) is a tool which will enable you to create 10s or hundreds of new articles based on one original article. Using built in tools you can easily add word variations (synonyms) -phrases variations,sentences or even whole paragraphs variations.Program contains 5 different thesauruses , highlighting feature that enables you to quickly navigate trough article,and lots of common and original features that other spinners / rewriters don’t have.Best of all you can try it for free and create hundreds of pages of unique content before deciding to buy or not

Some of the key features of Supernova Article Rewriter:

  • unlimited nested variations
  • 5 different thesauruses to choose from
  • support for main types of markers (tags used to separate variations)
  • easily add longer (two or more lines) variations
  • different modes of text selection
  • text highlighting for easy navigation and comparing original and spun/rewritten article
  • user friendly interface
  • much more…
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