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Link Generator

Purpose of Schematic link generator is to generate a list of related links according to a simple formula.
Many sites on the internet are data-base driven (which means that many pages can have the same basic URL with only a few parameters changed).
For example let’s examine a little closer a Google’s result page link:
If you do a search for “guitar” Google will find 1000s of pages with keyword “guitar”. But results are displayed in 10 by 10 mode.
You see first 10 results then clicking “next” next 10 results and so on.
First 10 results are at URL:
Here we can see our keyword “guitar” and start=0-which means “show first 10 results for guitar”.
If we put start=1 instead start=0 and load that link in browser we will see the next page of results.
For start=5,Google will show 6th page of results and so on.
So we can generate as many pages with results as we want just changing number in “start=0”.
First 5 pages of results would be:
The purpose of Schematic link generator should now  be  clearer and more obvious.
Start – page to start generating links (in our example it is 0)
Step – every next link generated will have variable parameter increased by “step” value (in google example step is 1)
How many links – number of links to generate (in our example 5).
So to generate let’s say 10 links with googles search results for “guitar” we do as follows:
  • Take a link, and find what is parameter which is important. In this case that is number after “start=”.
  • Replace that parameter with “@@@” (without quotes). Now we have
  • Set “start” value for parameter. In our case it is 0.
  • Set “step” parameter. In this case we want links for first 10 result pages so step is 1 (if we want every second page step would be 2, every third page,step=3 etc…).
  • Click generate, and following list is generated by replacing “@@@” part with actual values:
That’s it.
Now for what it’s worth?
Well instead of Google’s results you can generate links for all kinds of forums, guestbooks, comments, and other kinds of pages where we expect E-mails to be present. So instead of searching a whole big site you can search only pages of interest for us. © 2018