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Nova Text Aligner

    NOVA Text Aligner is a tool designed to make manual text alignment as easy and simple as possible. It doesn’t use any automatic paragraph or sentence alignment algorithms. Why? Because there are things where a human can not be replaced and parallel text editing is such a thing.

There are automated paragraph/sentence alignment tools but there is one thing that they all have in common – they are not 100% accurate (and they can not be due to the nature of the task they are supposed to do). So this means that in the end you’ll have to go trough the whole text yourself and check it and correct it. Than why not eliminate the middleman and go manually from the beginning?

 Exactly the tool I was hoping to find,now I can make up texts for my students without any hassle”

– Levy, English language teacher

See some  parallel texts created with NOVA Text Aligner:

(click on a thumbnail)

examples of parallel text created with Nova text aligner


See more examples

With properly formatted/paragraphed source texts manual alignment is simply a matter of correcting position of just 20-30 blocks of text,which can be done in short time,especially with the help of the tools specially designed for that task.

NOVA Text Aligner provides you with all editing features that are needed to quickly align texts on paragraph/sentence level. At all times you have full control of the process. Once you have your work done you can export parallel text in a variety of formats including popular Ebook readers formats such as EPUB and MOBI (Kindle). Also professionals will appreciate possibility to read/save TMX (translation memory exchange) files.

It can be used not only to align existing texts but as an editor to do tranlation work from scratch. Just load original language text and you can start translating and have it properly aligned from the begining.

Though designed for professional translators one great way of using it is to create parallel text for your students if you happen to be a language teacher. Or for yourself if you are a foreign language student… With plenty of texts freely available on the Internet it is very easy to create whole parallel books of classics such as Chekhov or Conan Doyle. Or…why not put movie subtitles side by side (original and translation) and have an excellent learning tool!

You’ll enjoy using this text alignment tool

This tool is made by a professional for professionals! 


  • Align paragraphs 

  • Align sentences

  • Export parallel text (Epub,Mobi,rtf,html,tmx,csv)

  • Import from many formats including TMX (Translation Memory eXchange)
  • Easy navigate and mark progress with bookmarks and sections
  • All aligning is done in a 2 column grid with  functions like shift,delete,insert,merge,split into sentences…
  • Highlight parts of text to serve as markers in comparing  texts which are being aligned
  • Automatically mark paragraphs that are likely to need more adjustment 
  • Powerful search/replace  
  • Full Unicode support
  •  And even more…



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  1. Hello, I’m finding this piece of software very useful for my research work.
    Just one question: is there some way to export the highlighting options (e.g. mark number, mark similarity, etc.) in the excel or word export?

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest :)

      No there isn’t. But I’m not sure what exactly would you do, save text with
      highlighted parts? Or something else?

  2. great piece of sowtware! it save me a lot of time, often now, there is a
    way to have my language couple automatically selected when I export an
    alignment in tmx? if not, can you add this feature? thanks

    1. I’ll see what I can do,will contact you via email to let you know

  3. Can this software be used to make kindle books?

    1. It can make mobi books- the format that is used on Kindle. I know it works on Kindle application for Android, I didn’t try it on actual Kindle device, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work.

  4. I’m using it to learn Spanish – your Seinfeld example gave me the idea. Curious thing I find that I learn a lot even while preparing a parallel text book because you have to focus on matching and comparing the sentences and it just sticks to your memory.

    1. I noticed that too!

  5. This software saves me a lot of time making parallel texts for my line of work,thanks for putting in good work:)

    1. No problem :) I’m using it too (that’s why I made it in the first place). Though I don’t need it for any professional thing I like to prepare ebooks in different languages and read on my tablet.

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